ékomé (One) celebrates the power of unity, the might of oneness!

ékomé is a result of my work in social justice, international development, women’s leadership and philanthropy.  As a high school student in Ghana, I worked with underserved communities through the Village Outreach Club, and in college I was involved with Amnesty International, United Nations and African Students Union. My passion and interest in social justice has allowed me to intimately engage organizations such as the Global Fund for Women; African Women’s Development Fund, Global Women’s Leadership Network, Moremi Initiative, the UN Commission on the Status of Women, Bioneers, UNICEF-Ghana and World Savvy.

Inspired by this history, I conceived the vision of using my music as a catalyst for peace, unity and social justice. I believe the message of ékomé is very relevant for our time, asserting that a different world is possible when we all stand together. As we envision a different world free of war, tyranny and self-destruction, music will lead the way.

We Are One

Inspired by a folk song from Cameroon, popularly sang at various kinds of women’s gatherings. In 2010, I spent two weeks in Ghana with women from several African countries, learning and sharing practical tools for enhancing women’s leadership around Water, Sanitation and Hygeine (WASH). We Are One, introduced by the women from Cameroon, was an instant hit. The message of the song is crisp – raising our voices in unity to address the issues that affect our families and communities. In the midst of grappling with difficult issues, this song provides an uplifting, rallying spark, motivating us to unite, fight, build, move, fall, rise and stand together.


Everybody be Somebody ‘im Somebody. In essence, everybody matters. We are all connected in multiple ways on this planet, regardless of our backgrounds. Every choice we make should be inspired by an aspiration to live in harmony with nature and humanity. Let love reign!


When we choose to work together, a different world is possible – free from war, tyranny and self-destruction. As an old adage says “a single twig is easily broken”.  Let’s keep together.


This song beckons us to take a leap of faith, showing up with all of who we are, doing what we love and have been gifted and called to do. There is always the potential to rise to higher ground. With each new day comes an opportunity to soar! Higher! No matter the mountains you see, your miracle is only a step away.

Love Your Somebody

Keep it simple.

Maame Afon

Enjoy pics from the ekome Photoshoot.